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Tim Taylor runs the year and raises thousands for My WiSH charity Butterfly Appeal

 Tim Taylor finalWoolpit man who set himself a tough running challenge during 2020 completed his feat with days to spare and raised thousands for charity.

Tim Taylor decided to run 2,020 miles in 2020 to raise funds for My WiSH charity’s Butterfly Appeal, to improve the experiences of end-of-life and terminally ill patients at West Suffolk Hospital.

When Tim, 38, ran his first marathon in October 2019 he was surprised by how many people asked him where to donate to.

As he did not run that marathon for charity he felt it was a ‘missed opportunity’ and set himself a tougher challenge, this time supporting My WiSH charity.

He said it was an easy decision, as he was treated there as a child for a small hole in his heart, while his wife Rhian works at the hospital.

His 2,020-mile challenge to ‘run the year’ meant Tim needed to complete around 5.5 miles per day, however illness, injury, lockdown and Covid-19 threw some obstacles in this path.

January 2020 went well, but he developed shin splints in February. Then, in March, lockdown hit.

“In some ways it played into my hands, because when I was on furlough I had more time, but in other ways what we have gone through has been quite mentally challenging for all of us so to have to ask yourself to get out the door every morning when you don’t feel like it was tough,” said Tim.

He managed to continue running, but then a foot injury forced him to take four weeks off in June/July.

“Every day I was injured with my foot and I didn’t know when I would be able to run again, I was looking at a calculator predicting when I would finish the challenge and the date was getting further and further away. I felt massive pressure. I had to try to catch up.”

But get back on track he did, catching up on the miles until his wife tested positive for Covid-19 in December, forcing the whole family into self-isolation for 10 days, when Tim had just 23 miles left to complete.

However, he managed to squeeze the last miles in and finished with a one-mile run alongside his daughters at Felixstowe beach – raising £3,300 in total.

“I was delighted, relieved and a mix of emotions when I finished,” he said. “The original idea was to finish on December 20 at West Suffolk Hospital, but it didn’t pan out that way thanks to Covid and tier four. We almost went to the wire, but made it in the end.”

And while his original plan was to have ‘a bit of a rest’ after the challenge, Tim has already clocked up more than 60 miles this month.

“It’s one of those things, it became a part of my routine and I have just carried on with it,” he said, adding that hhe believed he was now a lot fitter than when he started and could do the challenge all over again.

Sally Daniels, My WiSH fund-raising manager, said: “We are immensely proud of Tim and his achievement. This is a massive challenge at any time let alone during the year we’ve all had. He has run despite injuries and we were as gutted as he was that we couldn’t be there at the finish line due to Rhian contracting Covid. “The Butterfly Garden remains a really important appeal so this donation is just amazing and really pushes us nearer our goal to open its doors next September. We look forward to welcoming Tim into the hospital for a proper thank you as soon as we can.”

For more information about the Butterfly Appeal click here.

Suffolk News By Camille Berriman Camille.berriman@iliffepublishing.co.uk

Published 18/01/2021

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