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Four crucial devices donated to the physiotherapy team

Covid appeal physio imagesChristmas has come early for the physiotherapy team at the West Suffolk Hospital.

For they have been donated four crucial devices to help them with their work with patients at the hospital and out in the community.

The team, who deal with hundreds of patients a month, has been given two portable automated external defibrillators (AED) along with a Motomed and a bizarrely-named Nippy Clearway.

“It’s like Christmas has come all at once,” said Helen Stewart, the respiratory lead physiotherapist, following the donations from the My WiSH Charity which supports the work of the hospital in Bury St Edmunds. The funds for them has come via the charity’s Help your NHS hospital Covid-19 appeal.

The community physiotherapists had asked the charity for the two AEDs so they can use them out in the community as the pandemic has increased respiratory patients needing the team’s input and so they can help improve patients’ outcomes.

Helen said: “We can use them if someone is having a cardiac arrest and so we have got the emergency device at hand to use if required.”

The pandemic has meant that more patients require after care due to lung problems or a lot of time spent in bed therefore needing building up with the physiotherapy team involved in administering their care and expertise.

The Motomed is used by patients on the critical care section and as they progress onto the wards so they can continue their rehabilitation. It can be used while the patient is sitting in a chair and helps to strengthen the arms and legs and also has an interactive screen.

Rebecca Charles, the senior physiotherapist, said that there is a body of evidence for the benefit of Motomed during dialysis/renal replacement therapy of which a large portion of the critical care patients are often receiving.

And the Nippy Clearway is a portable device that is used to aid breathing when people are struggling. It provides assistance for those who are struggling with airway clearance, particularly those who may have an underlying neurological weakness.

Helen said: “It is mainly used for patients who have a weak cough and we can then help them to clear their chest.”

For pulmonary rehab, the respiratory team have over 300 contacts per month with patients attending twice a week for six weeks from across Haverhill, Newmarket, Mildenhall, Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds.

Sally Daniels, fundraising manager, said “It was fantastic to be able to provide the physio team with these items. It’s such a variety of equipment but all with the aim of helping patients with their rehabilitation post Covid or other spells of ill health. Thank you to every who has donated to our Covid appeal, without your donations this wouldn’t have been possible”.



Hayley Green, rehabilitation assistant practitioner (pulmonary rehabilitation), and Helen Stewart with the two new AEDs.

William Leeper, a rehab assistant and Rebecca Charles, a senior physiotherapist, with the Motomed

Senior physiotherapist Lucy Hart with the Nippy Clearway.


Story by Russell Cook
April 2021



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