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Do you know your pulse?

Do you know your pulse heartBack in 2018 we were thrilled to have reached our goal of raising £500,000 to build a new cardiac diagnostic unit alongside the brand new state of the art cardiac unit the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust were creating. 

Alongside our fundraising we attended many groups and organisations offering free Alivecor tests. This simple test only took a minute and involved placing two fingers on a metal plate which sent pulse signals through to a mobile device. The Alivecor then measured if the person was in danger of suffering from atrial fibrillation, a potentially life threatening heart condition. 

One such meeting was the Suffolk West Federation of WIs AGM in the Apex in Bury St Edmunds. Here we tested lots of ladies but one, as she said, was sent home with two pieces of paper instead of one!

This led to a trip to her GP followed by more tests at West Suffolk Hospital and then a longer trip to Papworth for open heart surgery and some replacement valves.

All this from a simple test. It just shows how we need to check our pulse regularly so we notice changes. 


How to test your pulse.

Have you ever felt your pulse? Do you know whether it's a steady rhythm? Would you notice if it's changed?

By checking your pulse on a regular basis it will make it easier to spot if there any changes. This simple test can even been done while you are just watching the television and could save your life.

Download the leaflets to find out how to check your pulse. 

If you have any concerns please visit your GP. 


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