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Volunteers Week

Ron KnightMeet the wonderful Ron Knight.

Ron is a volunteer for both West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and for My WiSH Charity.

He gives his time with such passion and we are truly grateful for his support. We asked Ron why he loves to help us all.

“After I lost my wife, daughter and a grandson I had no direction or purpose left in life. Volunteering at the hospital, supporting patients and staff, gives me that structure, purpose and direction. It is enjoyable being part of a team.”

His wife was a nurse and working for the hospital helps keep that connection as Ron knows she would have approved of his hard work.

Ron finished by saying “I could go on forever stating the benefits to me”.

And this is the wonderful thing about being a volunteer. You give so much but you gain it back too.

We are so thankful to all our wonderful volunteers who give us their time. If you think you would like to get involved please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Click here to volunteer for My WiSH Charity.

Click here to volunteer for West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.



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