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Masons' generosity helps patients attending MRI department

Rob Rider and Solea LodgeThe generosity of members of a masonic lodge in Bury St Edmunds has helped to purchase devices to help and reassure patients having MRI scans.

They have come after Bob Rider attended the West Suffolk Hospital where he is being treated for cancer.

The charity steward of the Solea Masonic Lodge had an MRI scan and discovered that the department needed a new way to play music for patients having scans as their iPods were broken.

So Mr Rider approached his members for funds and they came forward and supplied two Amazon Fires, at a cost of £50 each, which will mean patients can choose music and also children will be able to play games while they wait.

He said: “I had an MRI scan and they asked me what music I would like. When I came out I asked one of the nurses what happened with the music as it wasn’t working. She explained that the iPods were broken and so I said I would see if I could do something. I went to the Lodge and we obtained the two devices.”

He said the 42 members of the Lodge have a charity fund and raise money which funded the Amazon Fires which were handed over the My WiSH Charity, which supports the work at the hospital, in Bury St Edmunds.

Claire Moore, the MRI superintendent at West Suffolk, said: “We are incredibly grateful for these devices. They will allow us to play music to patients, upload MRI safety apps and show children videos or cartoons designed to reassure.

“The thought of MRI is quite intimidating, we do all we can to reassure patients but offering our patients music is a focus for them. Feedback is always positive with statements such as ‘listening to ‘Mr Blue Sky’ helped take my mind off the scan.’ The patients leave feeling that the experience was not as bad as they had feared and music choice is always an ice breaker for our nervous patients.

“Thank you on behalf of staff in MRI and all patients who will benefit.”

Sally Daniels, fundraising manager, also thanked the Solea Lodge and added “As a charity our aim is to provide the extras that the NHS cannot. Thanks to people like this we are able to do that and we can’t thank the Masons enough for their continued support.”


Written by Russell Cook


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