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Toys for children at the West Suffolk Hospital thanks to Neptune's Christmas Charity event

Neptune Paediatric ED donation

A host of interactive toys have been purchased for the paediatric emergency department at the West Suffolk Hospital.

It includes honeycomb panels, a caterpillar, a mirrored panel, and three projectors for each treatment room which have around 150 different slides for children to choose from with everything from princesses to farm animals and are great to help to distract and calm children when being seen by the medical staff.

They have come courtesy of furniture, kitchen and home accessories business Neptune, in St Andrews Street South, in Bury St Edmunds, who raised £4,200 following their Christmas Charity event held in November, last year.

It was the second year on the trot that the store had held a fundraising event in aid of the My WiSH Charity, which supports the West Suffolk Hospital, and it featured 15 different stallholders at this year’s event selling a variety of items including jewellery, kitchenware, cakes, flowers and homeware gifts.

Businesses in and around the town were invited to attend and there was a fantastic raffle with three hampers each worth £450 as part of the draw.

Each stallholder paid £100 to attend with raffle tickets selling for £5 and the store donated 10% of the income generated towards the final total.

Sue Smith, head of fundraising, said “Neptune are just a wonderful team. Their charity evening is always lovely and a great precursor to Christmas to get you in the mood. The toys they have been able to buy really will make a difference. The projectors especially have been a huge hit with the young patients, helping to calm them during a difficult time”.

Emma Adams, the accounts and events co-ordinator at the store, said she visited the hospital to see the gifts and added: “It was so nice to see it all in the hospital for the children and we were really thrilled with the amount of money that we raised from the event. Seeing the children introduced to what we purchased was such a great feeling.”

And she said she is already planning for this year’s event which is due to be staged on November 28.

Written by Russell Cook

Pictured is Emma Adams, Jane Harman, Ruth Hassall, the lead paediatric nurse at the West Suffolk Hospital, and Sue Smith, head of fundraising for MyWiSH.


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