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Teen's swim helps to raise funds for the Rainbow Ward where she was treated as a toddler

Tonie Armstrong, Eloisa Plumpton, Jenny Garnish, Dawn DorringtonA teenager who spent time on a hospital ward as a toddler has raised money for the department after taking part in the Great East Swim.

Eloisa Plumpton completed the half-mile course at Alton Water, near Ipswich, back in June, and through sponsorship and donations raised £445 which she has handed over to the My WiSH Charity, which supports the West Suffolk Hospital, in Bury St Edmunds.

The money has gone to the Rainbow Ward where the 15-year-old, from Lidgate, was treated when she was young.

Her mother Amanda, who is a teaching assistant, said she was “extremely proud” of her daughter’s achievement and added: “It is very emotional as a parent to see your child swim off into the distance and lose sight of them amongst a wave of coloured dots - swimming hats - bobbing up and down. It makes us very proud to know that she is thinking of others, especially children, and that the Rainbow Ward was her own choice to raise the money for.”

The Samuel Ward Academy student swims weekly at Newmarket and she said of the Great East Swim event: “The swim went very well, I almost beat my time from last year, but the water was a little more choppy this time so made the swim that little harder. I am hoping to take part in next year’s swim when I will able to take part in the full mile swim.

“I chose the Rainbow Ward as I'd spent time there and am very pleased to hear that my money will be spent on helping sick children get better.  I've been told the ward needs two new specialist wheelchairs, and there should be a little left for a few extras.”

Written by Russell Cook

Pictured above are Tonie Armstrong, nursing assistant; Eloisa Plumpton; Jenny Garnish, nursing assistant; and Dawn Dorrington, staff nurse.


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