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Pupils hand over gifts for children at the West Suffolk Hospital

South Lee 2019
Youngsters at the South Lee School, in Bury St Edmunds, proved it’s never too late for Christmas presents as they

handed over gifts for children on the Rainbow Ward of the West Suffolk Hospital.

They presented a Nintendo Switch and Lego from money raised following donations made at two productions of their nativity play which was attended by parents and friends.

Up to 50 children, aged two to five, took part in the performances held at the school with the gifts given to the My WiSH Charity, which supports the hospital.

A total of £450 was raised which was used to purchase the items.

Julie Last, the head of early years at the school in Nowton Road, said: “We have raised money for the My WiSH Charity before with a whole year of fundraising but because it was coming up to Christmas we felt it was sad if children are in hospital over the festive period and they might be able to enjoy something to play with.

“You never know but our children at the school could end up in hospital one day and it’s nice to bring these links with the hospital together.”

And headmaster Mervyn Watch added: “At South Lee School we pride ourselves on charitable giving. As we are a school, donating the gifts to the Rainbow Ward at the West Suffolk Hospital is an obvious choice.  It was a pleasure to do this and we wish we had been there to watch the children opening the gifts.”

Written by Russell Cook

Picured, left to right, at the Rainbow Ward of the West Suffolk Hospital are Natalie Olsen (sister), Leigh Baldwin (play specialist), Julie Last (head of early years at South Lee School), Mervyn Watch (South Lee School headmaster), Megan Webb (nursing assistant), Alix Mcnought (sister) along with children from the school.


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