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I-pads help mums with their new born babies

Felicity Simper IpadsA ground-breaking initiative is being used at the West Suffolk Hospital to enable mothers to have regular contact with their new born babies.

I-Pads have been introduced to the neonatal ward in what is thought to be the first hospital in the country to make use of the devices.

They have been purchased thanks to money raised at the christening of Chloe Rooney with the funds donated to the My WiSH Charity.

A total of £750 was collected which is being directed towards the hospital’s neonatal unit and the I-Pads are used by the mothers so they can see their babies while they are away from them while receiving treatment.

The devices are set to Facetime mode and one is placed close to the baby and the other to the mother so she can monitor her tiny tot.

Karen Ransom, the ward manager, said they have received fantastic feedback from parents using them.

She said: “It’s a great innovative idea so that the mother can watch the baby all of the time while she is away from the ward and can see the baby being changed and fed.

“Anything that you can do to minimise the separation of the two is really good.

“And we think we are the first hospital in the country to use these devices in this way as I have not heard of this system being used elsewhere.

“We use it also for dads when the mother is in intensive care.”

Chloe, who will be two-year’s old at the end of April, contracted sepsis from her mother Felicity Simper who developed the condition when she went into labour.

She was two weeks overdue and had to be induced when she contracted the illness and had to have an emergency caesarean section. For the first two weeks mother and baby spent time on the neonatal unit of the hospital after Chloe developed an infection. Mum was kept separate for a bit which is why she loved the I-Pad idea.

The treatment she received by staff at the hospital prompted the 39-year-old and her 42-year-old fiancé Steven Rooney to raise the money.

The couple, who live in Westhorpe, held the christening at their local St Margaret Church followed by a reception at the village hall.

She said: “When we raised the money we asked the charity what they needed to help parents become more connected to their babies on the ward and I think that it’s great idea to get the I-Pads.

“The ward seemed really pleased with it as it allows parents who are not able to spend time with their babies to see what they are up to.

“It’s a really good idea to have them on the ward and it makes sense as it would have helped me when I was in hospital and it’s a good idea of how to use the money we raised.”

Sue Smith Head of Fundraising said “When the idea of the I-pad system was discussed we thought this is a wonderful and innovative idea to help reduce anxiety of any parent being away from their precious new-born baby, at such a vulnerable time. Imagine that you have just had your baby and it is whisked away due to being unwell, well now mother, father and baby can stay in contact via the I-pad system, if mum is on intensive care or on the ward, she will be able to watch her new-born baby.

Written by Russell Cook

Pictured is Stephen Rooney with his wife Felicity Simper and their daughter Chloe Rooney.


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