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Detectorist group gives a boost to the Butterfly appeal

Sally Daniels and Alan EdwardsMetal detectorists have helped to swell the funds of an appeal at the West Suffolk Hospital.

For a total of £710 has been handed over to the Butterfly appeal which is aimed at enhancing the care for patients at the end of their lives, both in the hospital and out in the community and is organised by the My WiSH Charity.

The Bury St Edmunds Metal Detecting Group, which consisted of 37 members from within the town and in the surrounding towns and villages including Stowmarket, Brandon, Newmarket, Sudbury and Elmswell, raised the money during the year from raffles held at their monthly meetings at the Home Guard Club, in Abbot Road.

The group has since ceased operating with many of its members transferring to the Iceni group but former treasurer Alan Edwards said members were asked to nominate a charity for the year and they chose My WiSH with the money specifically targeted at the appeal.

The hospital treats a huge proportion of palliative and end of life patients in the area and My WiSH  works closely with staff to find out what is needed and where it can help to ensure relatives, friends and loved ones are cared for too as this in turn, gives the patient comfort.

Packs are created when someone is called unexpectedly into hospital which consists of tissues, water, wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste among other things. Just little things to make patients more comfortable during their stay.

They also provide day beds and are seeking to purchase more as they allow relatives to stay with their loved ones but also get some much needed sleep whilst never leaving their side. It also pays for training so that the nurses can learn how to administer pain medicine without the need to wait for a doctor.

And by supporting the Butterfly Appeal the detectorists are helping to make those last moments a little easier and help support patients and their loved ones at a difficult time.

Mr Edwards said the men and women members of the group came from all walks of life from truck drivers to railway signalmen and from retired people to those who work at the Jockey Club, in Newmarket.

He said that their meetings consisted of members bringing along an assortment of items which they found which were used to help plot the history of Suffolk.

“We had people from the Suffolk Portable Antiquities Scheme attend who would examine the items. We usually raised money for different charities and we would go to the members to ask them which is a worthwhile charity to support and we chose the hospital for all the wonderful work that they do,” said Mr Edwards.

And he added: “We are digging up the past for the future and if we can find the odd gold coin then that’s great.”

Sally Daniels, appeal manager said “This money is a fantastic sum and we can’t thank the group enough. The hospital’s palliative care team see around 25 patients per day so this money really will make a difference to so many.”

Written by Russell Cook

Pictured is Sally Daniels, the My WiSH appeals manager with Alan Edwards.


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