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Darts players help to raise money for the Butterfly appeal

Jasmine Mock and Tina LayDarts players got on the ochee to help raise funds for a charity which is close to heart of one of the organisers of an annual tournament.

A total of 34 people took part in the fundraising contest held at the Thetford Sports and Social Club which was organised by Jasmine Mock.

She has run a darts event for the past nine years since her father Lee died after suffering skin cancer in 2010 and has raised over £4,000 during that time for a number of charities.

But this year she decided that the funds would go to the My WiSH Charity, which supports the West Suffolk Hospital, following the treatment for her 46-year-old father.

Along with the help of her 27-year-brother Dan, mother Tiny Lay, who works at the Bury St Edmunds hospital as an operating department practitioner and close friend Tony Barnham, a total of £420 was raised for the Butterfly appeal.

The hospital treats and cares for the largest proportion of palliative care patients in the area and the appeal is aimed at making patients’ final days as meaningful and as comfortable as possible along with their relatives, friends, loved ones and carers.

Comfort packs are provided to patients when they are admitted to hospital and several day beds have also been purchased but the aim is to provide more.

Jasmine, who lives in Lord Cecil Court, in Thetford and works in the child care centre at RAF Lakenheath, said: “My father started his treatment at the West Suffolk and we wanted to do something to repay them for the care they gave him.”

The 23-year-old, who has a young son named Olly, suffered heartache when her baby boy Louie was stillborn last year at the West Suffolk, which also prompted her to raise the money for My WiSH.

The money raised from the tournament, which took place on Easter Sunday, April 21, came via £5 entry fees and a large raffle.

She thanked Jamie Jarret for offering the premises for free and added: “It’s so rewarding to do this (the tournament) and I get a lot of support from people.

“This was the first year that we have raised money for My WiSH and it means a great deal to us and we are really thankful for the care and support we got from the hospital when we needed it. I’m sure there’s other families in the area who have been treated at the hospital as well.”

Sally Daniels, appeal manager, said “It was lovely to meet Jasmine and her mum. They have been through so much and it is so lovely that they still want to help others. This money will make a big difference to our patients and their loved ones.”

Written by Russell Cook

Pictured above is Jasmine Mock with her mother Tina Lay and their cheque for £420 for the My WiSH Butterfly appeal.


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