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Twisted ankle and twisted knee but Tony still manages to raise £857

Debra Baker, Tony Lawrence, Gemma CoxHe may have suffered a twisted ankle and a twisted knee but it didn’t stop Tony Lawrence from reaching his goal and at the same time raising money for charity.

For the 26-year-old, from Deck Walk, on the Howard Estate, in Bury St Edmunds, raised the money from taking part in the Great North Run, in Newcastle, followed a week later by the Great East Run, in Ipswich.

The money is being directed towards the My WiSH Charity with a bladder scanner being purchased for the critical care unit at the West Suffolk Hospital.

Tony, who is a traffic operator for a logistics firm in Little Saxham, had two good reasons to be taking part in the half marathons.

For he wanted to raise the money for the charity, which supports the West Suffolk Hospital, and the other was to try and improve his health, fitness and lifestyle.

He carried out the runs in memory of his father Malcolm who was treated at the hospital and also to improve his own fitness.

In October last year his father was taken to the West Suffolk where he was treated for pneumonia. He was put into an induced coma and when he finally woke up there were hopes things would improve.

Unfortunately after a few hours he suffered a heart attack and sadly passed away. He was 68 years old.

Tony said: “Since this time I have felt passionate about raising money for the hospital as I am thankful for the way in which they cared for my dad and supported my family through this difficult time. The care they provided was compassionate and thorough and the hospital staff were brilliant and I wanted to give something back to them.

“I have also since become motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle and become more active so I took on the challenge to complete the two half marathons.”

He had never run any distances before and said although he suffered a twisted ankle in the Newcastle event after one-and-a-half miles into the race he still managed to complete the course in two hours 26 minutes.

And for the Ipswich race, which he completed in two hours and nine minutes, he suffered a twisted knee 10 miles into the course.

“But I managed to push through to the end of both races and it has improved my fitness and I have signed up for both events for next year as I enjoyed it so much,” he said.

Written by Russell Cook

Pictured above: Tony Lawrence with his cheque for £857 at the West Suffolk Hospital with Debra Baker, left, and Gemma Cox.


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