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New tools help with the work of staff in the day surgery at the West Suffolk Hospital

James Rooke, Adrian Nunn Matthew Porteous

Theatre assistant Adrian Nunn spotted a minor flaw in the work being carried out in the day surgery of the orthopaedic trauma department of the West Suffolk Hospital.

The tools they were using to adjust external fixation units to people’s limbs were in need of updating, so the 55-year-old had an idea.

After running a valeting company before he moved to work at the hospital in Bury St Edmunds he contacted firms to see if they would donate some spanners, pliers and sockets.

And after speaking to Lou Jenkins, the managing director, at Motorspares, in Greyfriars Road, on the Moreton Hall Estate, the firm donated a gift of tools.

“I had a chat to Lou first and then I had a word with our orthopaedic consultant Matthew Porteous and it went from there,” said Adrian.

“Then James Rooke, my team manager, helped in choosing the tools and also encouraging me.”

They are used to tighten and loosen up the units that are attached to patients limbs, like ankles, legs and arms when they have injuries; with pins or wires inserted into the bone and held together via an external scaffold.

But they have to be adjusted during treatment and some of the tools being used just did not fit adequately.

“It was just goodwill on Lou’s part to help us out and the tools that he gave us will be very helpful and he was more than happy to help … it’s the ability to give something back to the hospital,” added Adrian.

And Lou said: “Adrian said the spanners they use go back to the 60s so they were getting very old so we decided to help them out with a couple of took kits.”


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