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Love Your Nodes Campaign target is reached

Group photo Love Your NodesOur Love Your Nodes campaign was launched in July 2016 and the support we immediately received was incredible.

The driving force behind the campaign was Mr Eamonn Coveney, consultant surgeon on the breast unit. Eamonn wanted to improve on the current method of using blue dye to pinpoint patients lymph nodes without using the popular choice of radioactive treatment used in many Trusts. He felt this caused unnecessary exposure to radiation for both patients and his staff and also had great cost implications. 

The first node needs to be removed to see if cancer has spread and is highlighted by the dye which, unfortunately isn't always accurate. Sometimes it fails to reach the nodes or it can spread to many making accurate removal a long and complicated procedure usually resulting in the removal of more nodes than necessary to ensure the correct one was taken for testing. This then, not only makes for a more painful and longer recovery time, but adds the risk of the patients suffering the dibiliatating side effect of lymphodema and the lifelong problems that come with it. 

Mr Coveney had seen the Sentimag machine in operation and saw what a huge asset it would be to the West Suffolk Hospital Trust and, after a cup of coffee and a scribble on a napkin (this is the simple sketch Mr Coveney uses when showing patients where he will operate) the campaign was born.

The Bury Free Press kindly launched our story and the fundraising snowball started. We have heard so many wonderful stories from patients and their families over the past few months. Mr Coveney, Miss Aitken and Mr Kumar are wonderful ambassadors of the breast care unit and along with all the staff on the unit, they make patients feel safe while undergoing a difficult time. The care and support has been mentioned by many and we have had a lot of donations to say thank you for the care people had received.

The result of this kind generosity is that we have now just received the Sentimag machine in the Trust and the first operations will be due to commence shortly.Sentimag machine

We held a presentation evening in March to thank all donors to the campaign and it was a wonderful opportunity for Mr Coveney, his team and My WiSH Charity to be able to thank them all and show them just what a difference this machine will make.

The campaign isn't over yet. Each set of magnetic beads costs £200 so we will continue to fundraise and support the Breast Care Unit to ensure the cost is met and to allow the unit to continue to support their patients so wonderfully.

If you would like to donate to our Love Your Nodes Campaign please go to www.justgiving.com/loveyournodes or text NODE16 £10 or the amount you would like to donate to 70070.



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