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Legacies fund cutting-edge improvements at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Raizer (1)Just over£529,000 was left to West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust in legacies last year, enabling a host of new and state-of-the-art items of medical equipment to be bought to improve patient care.

These legacies are funds donated to the hospital by someone within their will, perhaps a patient who wants to give something back or a member of the public who wants to leave a lasting legacy for the future of their community.

Last year, legacies to the hospital enabled the purchase of the following items: new and updated hoists to support patients in and out of bed, a specialist chair that helps patients off the floor if they fall, an echocardiography machine to identify heart conditions, an electrocardiogram machine used in the event of cardiac emergencies, a bladder scanner, and a portable chest drainage system. These are just some pieces of additional equipment that have been purchased.

Sue Deakin, paediatric orthopaedic surgeon and clinical director for surgery at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, is particularly thankful for the imminent purchase of a specialist operating table for theatres that supports children when they have hip surgery. She explained: “Our new operating table will help position babies who have severe hip problems better during surgery. The table it will replace is over 30 years old, the new one has added extras such as more adjustability to cater for all sizes of infants, extra safety straps, and, due to its modern material, it can even be x-rayed through.

“Ensuring we can relocate babies' hips to make them healthy is vital. This then helps avoid early hip replacement surgery. Having this advanced operating table allows us to do this to the best of our ability. Thank you to anyone considering us for a legacy, and helping us provide the best possible care.”

Sue Smith, fundraising manager for My WiSH Charity supporting West Suffolk Hospital, said: “Legacies bequeathed to our charity in people’s wills make an enormous difference to the patients here at West Suffolk Hospital.

“Legacies allow your local hospital to offer the very best care and treatment, with the most up-to-date facilities and best medical equipment. It is a very special thing to do: you may choose to do it as a way of supporting future patients of West Suffolk Hospital, or as a way of thanking and remembering the staff that may have helped you and your family at times in your life.”

If you would like more information about legacies or would like to bequeath a legacy to West Suffolk Hospital, please contact the My WiSH Charity on 01284 712952 or email: Legacy@wsh.nhs.uk


Written by Russell Cook


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