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24 new hoists thanks to legacies given to charity

Dale Boustead and Eva Drive hoistsTwenty four new hoists for West Suffolk Hospital … and all paid for thanks to a legacy.

In all £100,000 was handed out to purchase the equipment from the hospital’s My WiSH charity after the money was left from a will.

All 24 have now been distributed throughout the many wards in the hospital along with its outreach centre at Glastonbury Court and Newmarket Hospital and the trust which runs the Bury St Edmunds facility is the first of its kind to have the powered-assisted devices in the UK.

Now the former hoists have been removed from the wards and are going off for auction.

Seven of the devices, called Eva Drive and made by a company called Handicare, reduces the risk of staff injury, prolongs working life and fatigue, basically taking away the effort and risk in hoisting.

The hospital also purchased 17 further hoists called Oxford Professional Lift Presence from a company called Joern’s Healthcare.

The main reason behind the hoist purchase was how light it is to push and pull reducing the strain on the nursing staff. It has a scale attached ensuring all patients can be weighed and a loop sling system bringing better continuity with patients in the community. 

Neil Herbert, the moving and handling lead at the hospital, said: “These new devices are now in place across the hospital and they help enable nursing staff to transfer patients without putting themselves at injury and they are essential for their work.”

Sue Smith, the fundraising manager for My WiSH said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be able to purchase these hoists; they are an essential part of allowing patients to be moved with comfort and dignity.

“They are lightweight and move in several directions making it easier for staff too.

“We could not have purchased these without the incredible legacy left to the charity and are so grateful to the family and they can be assured that this legacy lives on continuing to provide top class care for the local community.”

Pictured in the photo is Dale Boustead, moving and handling advisor for the hospital.


Written by Russell Cook.




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