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Talkative Teddy keeps quiet to raise money for charity

Teddy Stamp sponsored silenceKeeping quiet for 12 hours has seen a kind-hearted 10-year-old shout about the excellent work of two local charities.

Teddy Stamp organised his own sponsored silence to raise money for West Suffolk Hospital’s My WiSH Charity and St Nicholas Hospice Care.

The youngster wanted to do something after both the hospital and hospice had supported his loved ones – with his silence raising £125 for each charity.

Teddy’s granddad, Keith Stamp, passed away eight years ago and was treated at the Hospital’s Macmillan Ward while Hannah Manning, Teddy’s best friend’s auntie, passed away in the Hospice in May.

“I wanted to raise some money to help people who have cancer because I didn’t want people to go through the hurt I did,” explained Teddy.

“I also wanted to say thank you because the Hospice and the Hospital really helped my friend’s auntie and my grandpa when they were very poorly.”

Teddy’s mum, Sarah, said: “I am so very proud of Teddy – this was all his own idea and anyone who knows him can testify that for him to stay silent for 12 hours was no mean feat given that he normally talks for England.”


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