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Special fundraising evening in memory of Jacob raises more than £2,100

The Morton familyA family have expressed their gratitude after a fundraising evening held in memory of their baby boy raised more than £2,100.

Dean and Luci Morton lost their baby, Jacob, in February after finding out that his heart had stopped beating during a 37-week scan.

This prompted doctors to carry out an emergency C section to ensure his twin brother Isaac was delivered safely.

Isaac is now 14 weeks old and the couple admitted the strength of their family – which also includes seven-year-old daughter Daisy and four-year-old son Jensen – has kept them going.

They also paid tribute to staff in the delivery suite at West Suffolk Hospital – and the support of friends after Bex Newell, and a number of parents at Wickhambrook Primary School, put on a fundraising evening for the hospital’s bereavement suite and raised more than £2,100.

Dean and Luci were also able to use a cuddle cot at the hospital – paid for from fundraising for the My WiSH Charity which supports West Suffolk Hospital – to allow them some time together with Jacob.

Dean explained: “During that time, we both spent some precious time with him that will always be in my heart.

“That was mainly down to the bravery and generosity of two parents who had lost their child in the same sort of way. They had gone on to raise money for the My WiSH Charity and with that money the hospital had purchased a cuddled cot.

“It is not something I had heard of, but without it we would not have been able to spend so much time and get so many memories of our most amazing and beautiful little Jacob.”

Recalling the time they were told that Jacob’s heart had stopped beating, Dean said: “Our world had just ended, nothing anyone could say or do could take away the pain and the heartbreaking news we had just heard.

“I cuddled Luci and held her tight as I could – I wanted to take away the pain from her, but I knew I couldn’t. We both cried for what seemed like forever.”

The couple attended a fundraising evening organised by fellow parents which saw a raffle, tombola and auction raise more than £2,100.

The couple wanted to thank everyone who supported the evening with donations, organising the event and attending.

And of the support they received at the Hospital, they added: “I cannot praise the staff in the delivery suite enough.

“Without them, I don’t know how the both of us would have got through this. We went through a terrible time but with the support of the staff in the hospital and our friends and family, we were somehow able to cope.

“Isaac is doing well after a difficult start to his little life and we will always have such beautiful memories of Jacob.”


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