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Forget-Me-Not Dementia Campaign awarded £5,000 grant

A specialist day care room designed to provide comfort and support for patients with dementia has been boosted by a £5,000 grant.

The St Edmunds Trust awarded the grant to West Suffolk Hospital to kit out the room on Ward G4, which will be available for all patients.

Julie Fountain, dementia lead at the hospital, said: "Patients with dementia can become anxious and distressed when in hospital, compounded by a lack of social interaction and purposeful activity.

"Providing a day room area can help with familiarity - by using recognisable furniture, traditional crockery and supporting meaningful activity. It will provide a calming place, easing any anxiety, away from the more clinical environment.

"It is something we have wanted for a long time, and thanks to the St Edmunds Trust, it is now possible."

The money will decorate the room and pay for furnishings, including a sofa, chairs and television.

St Edmunds Trust gives grants to charitable organisations in West Suffolk that provide care or treatment for sick or disabled people.


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