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Couple combine to once again show their support for hospital

Paul and Joanna Rayner with son Thomas and WSH CPAP machineA CRUCIAL piece of equipment that supports the lungs of premature babies has been purchased thanks to the latest generous donation of a fundraising couple.

Paul and Joanna Rayner have supported West Suffolk Hospital since 2013 after their son Thomas was born seven weeks premature

In that time, they have raised more than £25,000 from two charity balls, donations and a Three Peaks Challenge undertaken by Mr Rayner and a group of friends.

Now their last fundraising in support of the My WiSH Charity has enabled the hospital’s Neonatal Unit to purchase a CPAP machine – which provides a continuous pressure into a baby’s small delicate lungs.

While the hospital praised the continued support of the couple, Mr and Mrs Rayner said they were delighted to see for themselves how their fundraising has helped.

Mrs Rayner said: “It was terrific to visit and see the CPAP machine on the Neonatal Unit, which our fundraising supported.

“It was wonderful to speak to the staff and understand what a difference it makes to them to have new equipment and to help them deliver the care to the babies and families, which they are so very good at doing.”

Karen Ranson, ward manager on the Neonatal Unit, said: “Paul and Jo always go above and beyond to raise the money to provide what we ask for.

“We can truly say that gold standard care is given to the babies entrusted in our care with the kindness of people such as Paul and Jo.

“We would like to thank them on behalf of all of us, and all babies who have benefited from their generosity.”

The CPAP Machine to help keep them open, thus allowing oxygen exchange to take place without the baby becoming too tired.

Ms Ranson added: “With a premature baby it is a valuable piece of equipment, which can prevent the baby requiring ventilation, thus reducing possible long term damage to their lungs.

“This machine is one of our most important pieces of equipment, and it’s crucial that we have enough so there is one available at all times should it be needed by a newborn baby.”

Mr Rayner is also chair of My WiSH Charity’s special events committee which organised the hugely successful West Suffolk Spin this year and raised £12,000 for five different hospital departments.

Next year’s West Suffolk Spin will take place on Sunday 28th May.


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