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Andreas Wales fundraising story

Andreas Wales Cheque presentationWe first met Andreas Wales back in June when his niece Charlie was a patient on the critical care unit. Charlie suffers from a life-threatening illness which caused her to have four successive cardiac arrests. Just 25 years old, Charlie also suffered a brain injury which has led to her losing her sight.The care she received on the unit was just so amazing that Andreas wanted to say thank you.

Having already planned a motorbike trip Andreas decided to turn it into more of an adventure and so the idea of an Iron Butt Challenge was formed! The plan was to drive non-stop from the Hook of Holland to Vilnius in Lithunia, only stopping for food and fuel and completing the journey is just 24 hours! The trip was to take him across Holland, into Germany heading to Berlin and from there crossing the border into Poland and across to Lithuania, a trip consisting of some 1000 miles or more.

On July 30th Andreas set off driving through the night. The trip was more tiring than he thought and he took an unexpected detour!

Andreas said "Funny story about how I got 1153 miles, 100 miles more than planned. Well I was following the sat nav when I arrived at a very big border crossing with lots of guards with big guns. Well I went through many gates to arrive at the office, now I'm thinking this does not look good. Well can you picture my face when they ask for my paper work, I give them my passport!!! 

IAndreas Wales - Milometert was the border to get into Belarus which is still part of the USSR!! They came out of there office and started to search my motorbike and took my log book away with my passport. Finally they came back and said I would have to turn around and go back."

After that scary episode Andreas carried on his journey, completing the trip at 4.16am on August 1st, very tired and sore and stiff from sitting on his bike for such a prolonged period of time.

We have loved meeting Andreas and his family. They are so well loved in the local community, proven by the incredible total of £3308 raised in just over a month. It is always a pleasure to see them, they are such a fun loving family and their bond is just amazing. 

This money will make such a difference to the critical care unit and we know they would like to thank everyone who supporting the Iron Butt Challenge and raised such a wonderful total.

Charlie is still recovering from her trauma but we know that the care shown at West Suffolk Hospital, together with the support of her wonderful family, means that she is doing so well today. 

Thank you Andreas you are a fundraising star. 



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