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Day room opens to improve environment for dementia patients

A day room designed to give patients with dementia a calm and homely space in which to relax has been officially opened at West Suffolk Hospital.

The new room has been funded with a £5,000 grant, which was awarded by the St Edmunds Trust in support of the hospital\'s ongoing Forget-Me-Not Dementia Campaign.

It has been created on ward G4, which cares for a high number of patients with dementia, and will also be available to other patients admitted to the ward.

As part of the project, new furnishing, curtains and works of art have been funded to create a familiar, homely and non-clinical area.

The room also includes a range of reminiscence materials, also funded by the campaign, to encourage patients to talk about their memories.

Julie Fountain, dementia lead at the hospital, said the room had been a high priority since the campaign was launched in March.

"Hospitals can be a daunting place for any patient, but particularly those who also have dementia," she said. "The new room gives them the chance to take some time away from the ward environment, and will also provide staff with a quiet space where we spend time with patients on a one-to-one basis.

"We are incredibly grateful to St Edmunds Trust for this wonderful grant. Their generosity will make a huge difference to patients on ward G4 and the experience they have when using West Suffolk Hospital."

Mary Pennock, chair of St Edmunds Trust said: "We are delighted to have awarded the funds for this excellent new facility on ward G4, as part of the hospital's Forget-Me-Not Dementia Campaign. It is particularly pleasing when a modest grant of this nature provides such a positive experience for patients."

The new day room will also be used by the hospital\'s dementia volunteers, who provide support and comfort to patients and their families.

The St Edmund's Trust welcomes grant applications for project funding from West Suffolk organisations involved in delivering benefits within the health and related social care sectors.



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