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Bury Free Press Beat It Prostate Cancer Scanner

  Prostate Scanner

Prostate cancer patients at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust have begun benefiting from a new high-tech machine which will provide more accurate biopsies while reducing the risk of infection.

The trans-rectal ultrasound system (TRUSS) has made the hospital only the second in the region to offer such state-of-the-art technology – meaning patients can be offered new diagnostic services closer to home.

Kay Trabucchi, urology nurse practitioner, said: “With this and the new MRI scanner being installed in the summer, it will mean images of the prostate can be transferred across to enable us to target the area of interest and gain more accurate biopsies."

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Kay added: “The new TRUSS machine also reduces the risk of infection while offering the availability of using ultrasound to help diagnose problems within the bladder and testis. It also allows us to use the technique of trans-perineal biopsy.”

The new scanner was made possible by kind-hearted fundraising within the West Suffolk community – with more than £11,000 raised above the original target.

This allowed the trust to purchase an even greater level of machine and further enhance the care and support it offers to patients.


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