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It's our 25th birthday!

                                              Our 25th birthday appeal!

The 15th September 2020 marks an important date in the My WiSH Charity calendar as we reach our 25th birthday! Yes, we were first launched in 1995 and what an amazing 25 years we have had.

We want to spend the next 12 months marking this momentous occasion and we need your help!

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First of all we want your stories; after all we all love to reminisce don’t we.

  • Have you raised money for My WiSH Charity?
  • Were you born in 1995?
  • Have you worked at the hospital for 25 years?

We want to hear from you and we would love to see your photos too. If you have a tale to share then please email us.

We also want you to get involved with our #25 challenge. We want you to think of and take part in fundraising ideas involving the number 25. It could be that you go retro and sit in a bath of 25 tins of baked beans, or you could bake cakes and raise £25 or take on a fitness challenge and run 25 miles. The choice is yours.

We have put together a few fundraising ideas to get you started but feel free to be creative! There will be trophies for the person or team who come up with the most innovative idea and for the most money raised. Remember this challenge is running until September 2021 so think outside the box and go big! 

Ending this special year will be our third My WiSH Charity Soapbox Challenge on 4th September 2021. What a great way to round off our yearlong celebration with our spectacular event.


All money raised will be supporting our WiSH Upon a Star Children’s appeal which enhances care for young patients right across the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

Our #25 Appeal will specifically raise £25,000 to fund a play specialist in the emergency department at West Suffolk Hospital. This vital role helps to make the department less scary and more fun for the young patients and,
in turn, potentially prevent future hospital phobia. Ruth Hassall, lead paediatric nurse in the ED said, 

“In my experience play specialists can make the whole experience of attending the emergency department more positive for children and their families. They can support children, families and staff through difficult experiences, make the department less scary and more fun without taking away from the necessary and often unpleasant things we have to do.  While the nurses and doctors work to ensure your child is safe and well the play specialist will work to ensure they remember the experience as a positive one, facilitating the work of the other health care professionals and preventing future hospital phobias. Even when they are not there the behind the scenes work the play specialists do means their presence is felt 24/7 by both staff and patients.”

We are sure you agree this role will be a valuable addition to the department. And, as we started with our young patients back in 1995, what better way to commemorate our silver year.

To get involved with our celebrations give us a call on 01284 713466 or drop us an email




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Nigel Beeton
Nigel Beeton


Cullum Family Bazaar fundraiser, 1886

Rainbow appeal caravan

Rainbow ward appeal

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