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Forget Me Not Dementia Campaign

staff and patient

People with dementia can find new surroundings daunting, so we launched our Forget-Me-Not dementia appeal as an initiative to support them and make their stay in hospital more comfortable. 

We created a 100-metre long memory walk, featuring iconic local and national images to help patients reminisce and start a conversation. We also transformed wards, purchased reminiscence machines, calm carts, and pay for interactive sessions to improve our patients' wellbeing. 

The Forget-Me-Not Dementia appeal was launched in March 2014 to raise £25,000 and to date have raised over £100,000.

Every three minutes, one person in the UK develops dementia. We need your help to continue enhancing the care patients recieve. You can make a donation via our Just Giving page or to find out more about supporting us or to leave a gift in your Will, contact the My WiSH Charity fundraising team on 01284 712952

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