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Butterfly Fund

Butterfly logo with no charity numberAs a charity we are here to not replace the NHS but to enhance the care our wonderful hospital provides. Our Butterfly fund is a perfect example of this.

West Suffolk Hospital NHS Foundation Trust treats and cares for the largest proportion of palliative care patients in the area. Staff are incredible, passionate and committed to their work caring for, not only the patients, but also their nearest and dearest.

As a charity we work closely with staff to find out what is needed and where we can help. We want to ensure that the relatives, friends and loved ones are cared for too and we know, this in turn, gives the patient comfort.

One way we care is by providing ‘comfort packs’. These are for when someone is called unexpectedly into hospital. Time is precious and we want them to spend those vital moments together so our pack provides tissues, water, wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste among other things. Just little things we hope will make them more comfortable during your stay.

Comfort packsWe have already purchased several day beds but want to provide more. These chair/beds are an invaluable addition to the hospital. They allow relatives to stay with their loved ones but also get some much needed sleep whilst never leaving their side.

We also pay for training so that the nurses can learn how to administer pain medicine without the need to wait for a doctor. This is a vital addition to the service as, when the hospital is so busy, it can be hard to get the pain relief to the patient as quickly as staff would like.

Chair bedWe work closely with our wonderful palliative care team who constantly go above and beyond and are always looking for new ways to help make a difference to their patients. 

By supporting our Butterfly fund you can help us make those last moments a little easier and help us support our patients and their loved ones at a difficult time. 

2019 will see us launch an appeal to create something truly special to enhance the care of our end of life patients and help them spend precious time with their loved ones. Make sure you keep an eye out for updates or email us at appeal@fundraising.co.uk to find out more. 

If you want to find out more about palliative care at West Suffolk Hospital NHS Foundation Trust then please click here.






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